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Strategy for first few rounds - QB/Off flex position

Looking for strategy advice...12 team PPR, this is our first year with the offensive flex position where we can start a 2nd QB, so I was advised to treat it like a 2 QB league. With that said...

Roster positions are: QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1RB/WR, TE, Off Flex, K, D/ST, 8 bench

I have the 3rd pick and my keepers are Kaepernick and Stacy. Because we can't keep anyone from the first 2 rounds, most top players will still be available. I'm trying to figure out how to approach this (and subsequent) picks.

I'm going in assuming that Charles and Manning will be gone with the first 2 picks. Do I go with a stud RB here (e.g. McCoy) and then grab the best WR or QB left with my 2nd and 3rd round picks? Or do I secure a stud QB (i.e. Rodgers or Brees, so I don't have to worry about QBs) and go with RB/WR in rounds 2/3? Or something else entirely? Keep in mind there are 24 total players being kept, so I won't find the same quality of player available at 2.10 and 3.3 as there would in a non-keeper draft.

The best players being kept (guys that might normally be taken in the first 4 rounds) are: QB: Luck, Stafford, RG3, Newton, Kap, Ryan, Wilson RB: Lacy, Bell, Murray, Bush, Stacy WR: Alshon, Nelson, V Jackson, Harvin, White



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