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12 team PPR

dolfan146dolfan146 Posts: 2Member

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Tannehill
RB Mccoy, Bernard, Vereen, Richardson, Miller
WR Antonio Brown, Cordelle Patterson, Emmanuel Sanders, Hakeem Nicks, Cecil Shorts
TE Vern Davis, Jace Amaro(last round sleeper)
DST Patriots
K Caleb Sturgis(Likely picking up someone off waivers)

I know my qbs are weak but I should be able to pick up someone better once season starts hardly anyone carries 2 qbs if they have a solid starter.


  • PalisadesPetsPalisadesPets Posts: 5Member

    I would upgrade on the QB if possible but Big Ben will get you through, usually. You have pretty good RBs, just one to upgrade to a tier one WR if possible ...

    please rate mines ...

  • d0nkeysh0wd0nkeysh0w Posts: 25Member

    Your RBs are very stacked. Must be drafting with idiots to be able to get McCoy AND Bernard. Great team if Ben has a good year (I think he is going to) and Patterson blows up (I also think he is going to).

  • Texas_Two_StepTexas_Two_Step Posts: 413Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I think Patterson will have a great season. I know he was one of the top fantasy receivers over the last 5 weeks of 2013. I've also warmed up to Emmanuel Sanders as well, considering Welker's injury woes.

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