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What Draft Apps Do You Use?

TapeDeckTapeDeck Posts: 1Member

Title says it all.

For those of you who have played with several of the options out there, do you have a personal opinion on "avoid these" and "try these?"


  • TheArtfulDodgerTheArtfulDodger Posts: 19Member

    I use Couchmanagers for my fantasy baseball mock drafts. It can be a bit buggy at times but it's quite good.

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    Found this on reddit, it's a new site (just started up a week or so ago). They're still working out some minor bugs, but it's a nice setup.

  • slowkidzslowkidz Posts: 14Member

    Assuming this is for "in general use", but I like Master Clean and Battery Doctor to keep things running smooth. Helps kill background running apps and keeps an eye out for potential dead file issues. I've been playing with WidgetLocker for screen customization. This seems to be working out well, a lot of options from multiple widget locations/drawers to stacking icons.

    These are all Android apps, BTW

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