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Trading away Bell? For Jordy?

10 team league, PPR, re-draft


QB - Kaep and Cutler RBs - Bell, Ball, Forte, S Jax, T West, R. Hillman WRs - Garcon, Floyd (ARI), Smith (BAL), G. Tate, J. Gordon TE - Rudolph K - Bailey DEF - Carolina

Passing: 25yds: 1pt TD: 4pts INT: -2pts

Rushing/Receiving 10yds: 1pt TD: 6pts

Returns 25yds: 1pt TDs: 6pts

2-Point Conversions: 2pts Fumbles: -0.5 pts Fumbles Lost: -2pts

If you want me to get into K/DEF points, just ask, they are pretty standard.

I love my RBs, but my WRs are below where I'd like them. Not thrilled about Smith, but I do like Floyd this year.

I'm thinking of offering Bell + S. Jax for Jordy + MJD. Trying to sell high on Jackson now that he, and the rest of the Falcons are healthy, before he inevitably gets hurt. My question is does this get considered? This other guy is currently using: Richardson Sankey and Moreno at RB, so it will def help him there, and he also has Calvin and Keenan @ WR, so Jordy is his clear #2, but still respectable guys there. Does he consider this? Is asking for MJD here too too much since he is the starter already?


  • mueller11fanmueller11fan Posts: 9Member

    I just noticed that this guy also has Welker in his flex. What about offering Smith instead of S Jax?

  • talontalon Posts: 65Member

    If he accepts I'd be surprised. Both the players offered are a little risky to give up Aaron Rodgers favorite target.

  • MeanOneMeanOne Posts: 33Member
    edited August 28

    Yeah, you won't get Jordy with that proposal unfortunately. And I suppose you are talking about Bell from Pittsburgh and not Bell from Detroit. You might get Keenan with an attractive offer (possibly ****]SJax**** for ****K.Allen**** and see if he bites. You can drop Gordon from your roster and look to add either a WR or RB that will be returning kickoffs and/or punts to compliment your flex position.

  • devil_docdevil_doc Posts: 145Member, Community Writers

    I'd send the first offer, then in the comments let him know who you are interested in, maybe "build up" the trade a bit to try and convince him to take the deal. At least you can get a better idea what he's asking for.

    He might just take it with his RBs looking very weak, but that's all on how he values those players as well.

  • waswikwaswik Posts: 5Member

    It's not a terrible offer, but if it were me, I wouldn't take it. I like MJD this year, he's the clear #1 RB. That plus Jordy would be asking a lot, but sounds like he needs some RBs badly. This trade would get him in a much better position, and his other receivers are loaded. So, really it comes down to the specific teams involved with a trade. Even if it looks lopsided on paper, the deal may happen simply because they circumstances make it valuable to the teams involved.

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