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10-team PPR--I think I crushed this (WHIR)

Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

10-team PPR league, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 DST, 7 BN. I had the fourth pick.

QB: Jay Cutler (9.04)

RB: Andre Ellington (4.07), Joique Bell (6.07), Toby Gerhart (7.04), Danny Woodhead (8.07), Jeremy Hill (11.04)

WR: Calvin Johnson (1.04), Brandon Marshall (2.07), Jorday Nelson (3.04), Michael Floyd (5.04), Justin Hunter (10.07), Jordan Matthews (13.04), Brandin Cooks (15.04)

TE: Kyle Rudolph (12.07)

K: Dan Bailey (16.07)

DST: Broncos (14.07)


  • oscar15oscar15 Posts: 7Member

    I'm a RB guy but I love this team!
    I would like it better if you started 3 WR and a flex but still nicely done.

    When you took Calvin at 4, did you expect to get Marshall and Nelson when you did? You have 3 top 10 WR easy and potential for 3 top 5! Throw in the upside of Floyd and Hunter and you have 5 WR that are "starter worthy".

  • Texas_Two_StepTexas_Two_Step Posts: 413Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    You did well. I also believe the news out of Cincy to be true. They are saying Jeremy Hill will get 200 touches this season.

  • KJMiller127KJMiller127 Posts: 39Member

    I really like your WRs, you have two top players there, and can easily plug Nelson into the flex, with a few other options for flex players form the WR spot.

    RBs could use a little help. You have some big bruisers in there that will get some goal line touches, and woodhead in a PPR league is solid to have.

    I have same format in my league, and I always have 2 QBs just in case of injury/poor play or whatever. I like the depth at your WR position though, might be able to make a trade down the way.

    Please check out mine

  • badams4badams4 Posts: 68Member

    You did very well.. I would not do anything if i were you other than be quite proud of that draft.. haha

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    @oscar15‌--I expected to get another stud WR because ESPN's rankings are awful. Their draft room uses (bad) standard rankings as the default for PPR drafts, which gives a massive advantage to people who know (or in my case, pretend to know) where they're doing. I was prepared to have my pick of Demaryius (#15), Green (#16), Dez (#18), Marshall (#20), and Julio (#21). Marshall and Def were left, and I chose BMarsh. Took Jordy at 3.04 since he was the best WR/RB available and I figured there was a strong chance Ellington (#45) would be there for me at 4.07.

    @KJMiller127‌--I am definitely considering trades, but not for a backup QB. Enough guys are available on the wire that I can snag one there if I need one. I'm looking to upgrade at QB or RB. Thinking I can turn Floyd + Joique or Hunter + Joique into a RB1 if there's a WR-hungry team, or maybe upgrade Cutler (who I love this year) to one of the big three by packaging him with Floyd.

  • cheesypoofs73cheesypoofs73 Posts: 163Member ✭✭
    edited August 2014

    Your WR corp is insane with Johnson/Marshall and then consistent go-to Nelson- wow; Brandin Cooks might get more looks cuz Stills is still hurting.
    Cutler will be solid (as long as he does not throw a tantrum), Bears beefed up OL & Jefferies/Marshall targets.
    Ellington & Gerhart - I'm relying on the same two RBs, Joique Bell highly underrated, but workload with Bush - questionable.
    Awesome defense & Bailey has never let me down.
    Rudolph has always been hit or miss though for me, his numbers go in spurts, but big when they do.
    In PPR wow- tough to beat!

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