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10 Team PPR League-Think I Did Rather Well

ScotScot Posts: 6Member

Number 7 in the Draft.

QB: R. Griffin III J. Cutler

RB: D. Martin D. Murray A. Ellington T. Gerhart J. Bell

WR: C. Johnson B. Marshall V. Cruz E. Sanders H. Nicks B. Cooks

TE: D. Pitta Z. Ertz

K: R. Gould

D: Buccaneers

At pick 7 I had either Lynch or Johnson to pick from as my first pick, so I picked Johnson. My second pick was Martin, and my third pick was Marshall. Forth I picked Ellington. So how did I get Murray? Well, Murray was actually the first auto pick of the person drafting at 10. He wasn't there and apparently was unhappy having Murray and dropped him the next day. Like a quick eyed vulture, I dropped Freeman for Murray. I waite until the seventh round to pick my quarter back. I think I did pretty well, even without Murray.


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