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This years Josh Gordon

BleedGr33nBleedGr33n Posts: 204Member

an no i do not mean who is next to get busted for the Doja. Who are your favorites to be this years josh Gordon or Alshon Jeffery?(List WR Only) These types of pickups win leagues!

For me its Cordarelle Patterson. I swooped him in both my leagues in the 5th & 6th round. This dudes speed and shakes are ridiculous, its just whether or not hes going to get targets and run clean routes. Worst case Im hoping for solid #2 WR fantasy numbers but im reaching for 1200+ yards and double digit TD's. I also LOVE the fact that Norv turner contributed to Gordons mind blowing season and hes now in Minnesota with my boy Cordarelle. Can he be a top 10 receiver and make the leap to MUST own? Im crossing my fingers. Feel free to list feed back and your breakout WR hopefuls......or laugh at my above statements ;)


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