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Free agent pick up

looking for some insight on if I should pick up anyone on the free market. this is a 1st year keeper league. Standard scoring.

QB-Nick Foles- QB-Robert Griffin III RB-Matt Forte RB-DeMarco Murray RB-Mark Ingram RB-Andre Williams
WR-Randall Cobb WR-Victor Cruz WR-Sammy Watkins WR-Mike Wallace TE-Jordan Cameron TE-Eric Ebron K-Justin Tucker
K-Blair Walsh DEF- Bills

Notable FA Carson Palmer Johnny Manziel EJ Manuel

Lance Dunbar Ahmad Bradshaw Jonathan Grimes

Hakeem Nicks Robert Woods Kenny Stills Jordan Matthews Marqise Lee Odell Beckham

Delanie Walker Dwayne Allen

Baltimore Ravens New York Jets


  • indeedindeed Posts: 834Member ✭✭

    First of all drop one of the kickers. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw you have two. Palmer will have some big games this year and might mix and match well with your other two QBs. But you already have two so it's not a must add by any stretch. I know it is a keeper league and it depends on your keeper rules but Ebron is a long way away from contributing. He could be awesome, but it's unlikely he helps you this year. Now Matthews is one injury away (which seems inevitable for Maclin) of being fantasy relevant. He will likely be relevant even without an injury to Maclin. It might take him a quarter of a season or more, but he will contribute. Lots of people like Nicks as a bounce back. I am not one, but he too is much better than a 2nd kicker. What about Kelce or L. Green at TE. Are either of them available at TE. I like both more this year and Green more long term.

    If not I would drop Ebron and your kicker for Matthews and Palmer. If one of those TEs is available I'd consider one of them over Palmer since QB is not a need. Make sure he has a different bye week.

    Any other names available? Did someone draft Gordon? What are your keeper rules?

  • abercrombie9701abercrombie9701 Posts: 9Member

    Travis Kelce is a FA we keep 4 keepers Timothy Wright,Jared Cook,Garrett Graham,Brent Celek also FA

    thanks for your help

  • indeedindeed Posts: 834Member ✭✭

    Happy to help. If you only keep four guys there is no chance Ebron either plays for you this year or is kept next year. You have too many other big names. His day, if it comes is likely three years away. Kelce has WAY more value this year. I'd grab him. Is Josh Gordon available? If so drop your 2nd kicker and kill that roster spot with him all year. He's a late first rounder next year. He's worth the lost roster spot in a 4 keeper league.

  • abercrombie9701abercrombie9701 Posts: 9Member
  • indeedindeed Posts: 834Member ✭✭

    OK. Then I would grab two of Kelce, Palmer and Matthews. Drop Ebron and one of your kickers. Palmer will likely help you out the most as you can mix and match your three QBs to get great production each week. He's a solid QB with the right match up. On the downside you already have two QBs so it could be a little overkill. Matthews has tremendous upside and long term value but he won't do much for you out of the gate. Kelce is a bit of a wildcard. His upside is exciting but even if he does well, I don't see you benching Cameron for him. Cameron has a week 4 bye and KC plays NE on Monday night. Tough call. Plus it looks like there may be some decent one week fill in options at TE on waivers. If it were me I think I would lean toward Palmer and Kelce. If Kelce is playing well bye week 4 you start him for Cameron on the bye. If he isn't you pick up a one week fill in and then drop that player the next week for Matthews who may still be on waivers if he is now.

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