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Who to keep: Peyton, DeMarco, Jordy, Garcon, Montee?

10-team, PPR

In our league, we can keep up to 3 players, depending on when each was drafted the previous year. Quick rundown of the rules: can't keep 1st and 2nd round picks; if you keep a 3rd Rounder, he is your only pick. A 4th-7th allows up to 2 keepers and 8th-16th allows up to 3. Kept players void the round in which they were drafted. Waiver/FA pickups void the round below their PPR ADP.

Here is my locked roster from last year (with voided round):

Peyton (4) DeMarco (5) Jordy (6) Garcon (7) Kendall Wright (12) Panthers D/ST (9) Montee Ball (3)

I am picking 10th in our 10-man league. My initial thought was to keep Peyton and DeMarco but I feel like I need to take advantage of Jordy at that mid-round value. I can essentially keep any two of these guys. Thoughts? Flesh out your reasoning, please! WHIR.


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