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robotninja ·


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  • Re: VJax or Roddy White

    I would absolutley put knile davis in. I even think Joique Bell is primed to have a great game against GB this week.

    Both are better than Roddy on a short week, who may be limited and may leave early because of aggravation. And Vjax is highly boom or bust, either of those RB are better than him 100%.

    Thoughts on mine?

  • Re: #1 waiver priority, Ray Rice Owner, Pierce + Forsett on waivers, what do I do?

    You obviously werent going to be counting on rice this year so I am going to say take the best available player. What does the rest of your roster look like and the rest of the WW look like? If it has to be between those 2 I would honestly say Forsett. Pierce did not have much of a game leading up to his injury (concussion I beleive) and then suffered injury...

    Also last year he was one of the people getting a lot of hype going into the season that they loved him in camp and was going to eat into Rice's carries etc.... Well not only did that not happen, but Rice got hurt and Pierce was barely serviceable as a real life running back and not even close to consideration in fantasy leagues.

  • Re: Why I Like Lacy Over McCoy, And Have Him Ranked As My #2 RB

    Good article and a lot of thought. I personally have them ranked McCoy, Charles, Lacy, Peterson, Forte

    There is some bias in there but I think Charles has a hard time repeating what he did last year with the beating that KC took in free agency this year. The offensive line is much different. The upside remains though. Lacy does have injury history but McCarthy wants to run him into the ground. I thought in the 3rd preseason game when Lacy had 1 drive, dominated, (6 carries, 36 yds, 6.0 per carry and a TD) then McCarthy immediately pulling him from the game spoke volumes about his plans for Lacy.

    Peterson has to break down eventually although I would be perfectly happy with him at 4. Vikings have a lot of potential but no real qb. But if Cassel, Ponder (god forbid), or Bridgewater can even make a handful of plays a game they do have some potential as an offense as a whole which is great for Peterson because the gameplan will still be "Give the ball to AP" every week.

    Forte is a combination of injury history, risk, and age. Cutler is going to love chucking the ball to his gigantic receivers and has never been known as checkdown machine....

    The bottom line is that all i want is a top 5 pick in any draft and I am happy.